Launch of the Rewarding Work Campaign


   10 *Launch of the Pesewa ONE 'Rewarding Work' Campaign* Pesewa ONE PLC is a Business Incubator located in Adabraka with the vision of providing Rewarding Work to 100,000 Ghanaians in both the formal and informal sectors. Over the past two and half years, the Pesewa brand has been involved in the creation of 55 entrepreneurial businesses, working with 2,000 interns and jobbers in partnership with some major Ghanaian companies and 2,500 informal sector businesses.  Consequently, Pesewa ONE through its incubator, virtual internship program and informal sector organisation has provided Rewarding Work and experience to about 5,000 young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, interns, jobbers and informal sector workers. The goal of the company is to incubate 100 authentic Ghanaian businesses in the next five years, while providing work and support to over 100,000 young people and businesses in the informal sector. This is to spur the development of an African economy that is organised and super-charged by its huge informal sector and young enterprising people. We are therefore today launching the 'Rewarding Work' Campaign targeted at small shops and business owners, artisans, young entrepreneurs, students and job seekers. The Campaign will provide training, work opportunities, internships, business support, extra income opportunities, investment resources and free pension and life insurance safety nets. Partners for the Campaign include Ecobank Ghana, Axis Pensions, Phoenix Life, InfoU, Stock Masters, Metro Taxi Club, IB Solutions, Pesewa Virtual Internship, FindFix and Pesewa CoINS. If you will like to be part of this Campaign as a Participant or Partner please sign up here and we will get in touch: Pesewa ONE - Organising Africa's Economy


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