Our Vision – A Scalable Business Incubator. A Gateway to Africa

We are an Africa-focused Business Incubator with a vision to expand our platform to 10 African countries by 2027. Our recently launched innovative franchise model aims to increase the number of covered businesses from our current 5,000+ to 1 million African businesses in both the formal and informal economy.

We believe that Africa’s businesses have immense potential for growth. However, there is a lack of support for young entrepreneurs; as well as few platforms linking Africa’s startups with major local and international companies. This results in less employment opportunities for Africa’s youth and stagnant economies. Furthermore, we recognize the need to integrate Africa’s very large informal sector into the formal global economy. Over the past years, Pesewa ONE has developed platforms to overcome some of these bottlenecks and seeks to inspire young African entrepreneurs to embark on their journey of creating wealth and jobs.

At Pesewa ONE, our values are anchored in Nyame Nti (Dependence on God’s grace), Nkinkyim (Ingenuity), Nyansapo (Wisdom & Patience), and Bese Saka (Abundance). Our team live up to these values in meeting the needs of our customers and achieving our goals.

Our mission is to Build Africa’s Businesses through Partnerships, Platforms, Entrepreneurship & Investment. Whether you are an investor, local or international business, an entrepreneur or looking to start your own Pesewa Franchise, we have a range of business packages and resources to help you on your journey.

Pesewa ONE+ Loyalty Reward Program

Looking for a way to get rewarded for your everyday transactions? Look no further than the ONE+ Loyalty Reward Program from Pesewa ONE. This program is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind in Africa, and is designed to reward both our businesses and individual customers.

Here’s how it works: every transaction you make with Pesewa ONE or any of our incubatees and partner businesses earns you points in the program. For every one cedi spent, you’ll receive one point and a share in 10% of the company’s returns. Plus, when you sign up for our services, you’ll receive an initial 100 points to get you started.

Redeem your points every quarter to make further purchases or receive cash. Also join Pesewa ONE as a business partner and start getting more customers and transforming your business today. Interested in learning more about our Partner businesses? Click here. To get started with ONE+ and start earning rewards, simply fill out this easy form.