Our Vision

The premise for the vision of Pesewa ONE is that Africa’s businesses have the greatest potential for growth in the world. Africa is however lacking in the areas of ensuring a platform for young entrepreneurs, employment opportunities for students and the youth, service platforms that link start-ups with major companies and the inculcation of the informal sector into the formal economy. Pesewa ONE has over the past five years developed platforms to overcome these bottlenecks and inspire young African entrepreneurs to begin their journeys of creating wealth and jobs.


Our Values are Nyame Nti (Dependence on God’s grace), Nkinkyim (Ingenuity), Nyansapo (Wisdom & Patience) and Bese Saka (Abundance). All Employees and Officials of Pesewa ONE and our Franchises live up to these values in meeting their goals and the needs of our customers.

Our Mission

To Build Africa’s Businesses through Platforms, Entrepreneurship & Investment

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