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PesewaCoINS is the largest economic jobs management platform in Africa, designed to help businesses of all sizes recruit and manage a workforce to accelerate their growth. As a part of the Pesewa ONE Incubator, the Pesewa CoINS (Continuous Innovation System) offers comprehensive support for entrepreneurs.

We are actively seeking full-time and part-time job seekers, as well as students and ambitious young entrepreneurs from across Africa. By joining PesewaCoINS, you’ll gain access to the tools and resources you need to build your career and future.

Take the first step towards your success and join PesewaCoINS today.

Stock King Investments offers access to over 100 investment vehicles on its platform, including investment clubs, listed stocks, mutual funds, and other collective investment schemes. With the ability to purchase any amount and invest as frequently as desired, the Stock King platform provides opportunities to build a successful investment future. Sign up today at and discover why investment is king

Pesewa QR is a service that provides shops and businesses with QR code capabilities for receipting, bookkeeping, feedback, and promotional purposes. In addition to these features, Pesewa QR also offers approximately 20 third-party offers that can be utilized by informal businesses to boost revenue and provide superior services to their customers. Check out for more information. is a leading online platform that caters to the growing demand for professional services, offering a comprehensive range of solutions such as handyman services, home support services, and various business services. Our platform is designed to connect skilled professionals with individuals, homes, and offices in need of reliable and efficient assistance. Sign up today at

Pesewa CARD is a game-changing solution for young entrepreneurs, informal sector businesses, and students seeking to unlock their full potential. Our mission is simple: to provide exclusive discounts on essential services and support the aspirations of our target market. With Pesewa CARD, you gain access to unbeatable discounts from our extensive network of service providers. From marketing and advertising to office supplies and technology solutions, our partnerships ensure that you receive the best deals available. Our discounts are carefully curated to cater to the unique needs of young entrepreneurs, informal sector businesses, and students. Go to Pesewa QR and use Business Code DC2356

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